Annual STEM Research Symposium

10th Annual STEM Research Symposium

The College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Professional and Career Education hosted the 10th Annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) Research Symposium on April 6.

The S.T.E.M. Research Symposium is a poster presentation competition aimed at engaging the local scientific community in learning about ongoing discoveries within S.T.E.M. disciplines (biology, chemistry, computer science, health science, information technology, mathematics, psychology, and physics).

This annual event is sponsored by the Departments of Biology, Mathematics & Computer Science, Psychology and Physical Sciences, and private donors



Aurora Burkus-Matesevac

Aurora Burkus-Matesevac

Aurora Burkus-Matesevac, Zuzana Zajickova (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Applying thiol-ene click reaction to preparation of organo-silica monolithic columns aimed for applications in capillary liquid chromatography

Jeremiah Paul

Jeremiah Paul1, Manuel Miranda2 (1Barry University, Miami Shores; 2University of Texas, El Paso) Differential expression of glycine receptors in the globus pallidus, thalamus, and striatum

Honorable Mentions

Jocelyn Baquier (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel long acting muscarinic antagonists

Mathematical Sciences – Computer Science – Physics


Ricardo Gomez

Ricardo Gomez, Sanja Zivanovic (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Continuous functions as approximation to uncertainty

Honorable Mention

Kyle Lothian, Ricardo Gomez, James Haralambides (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) An Automated Advisor Assistant

Health Sciences – Psychology


Tristan Zonnevylle

Tristan Zonnevylle, Sabrina Des Rosiers, Guillermo Wated (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Factors Associated with Subjective Well-Being among College Students: A Preliminary Analysis

Honorable Mention

Karenthia Wilmore, Sabrina Des Rosiers, Guillermo Wated (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Intentional Self-Regulation among College Students: Preliminary Findings.


Angel Tapia, Alexandria Wallace

Angel Tapia, Alexandria Wallace, Gabriela Alvarez, Jeremy Martinez, Sabrina Rodriquez, Stephanie Bingham (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Embryonic Ethanol Exposure Negatively Impacts Cardiac Contractility and Output

Alayna Gallagher, Vania Arboleda, Annalliam Flores, Jennyvette Trinidad, Stephanie Bingham (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) The Effect of Embryonic Ethanol Exposure on the Expression of TyrP1 and CENPF

Elizabeth Schabot

Elizabeth Schabot, Michael Robinson (Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) Diversity of UV-reflectance in damselfishes and the Aggression-IdentificationHypothesis

Honorable Mention

Miguel Belaunzaran, Arin Blake, Brenda Schoffstall(Barry University, Miami Shores, FL) The effects of acetic acid on biofilm formation and wound healing using a zebrafish model