ID Policies

Student, faculty, and staff photo identification cards are issued at the time of the initial registration at the university. It is expected that the ID card will be retained throughout the cardholder's time at Barry University. Employee ID cards must be validated for each year. Student ID cards must be validated for each semester.

Student ID Policies

Students are expected to carry their identification cards at all times. The Buc Card should be used only by the student whose name and picture appears on the card. When requested by a Public Safety officer, students are required to produce their identification card.

This card is a student's official university identification; it must be carried at all times for admission to dining facilities, athletic and cultural events, library, student elections, and for the use of university facilities and services.

A university ID card can only be used by the person to whom it is issued. Unauthorized or fraudulent use of an ID card will result in the card being confiscated and all persons involved being referred to the University Judicial System.

Smart Card Acceptable Use Policy

Report a Card that is Lost or Stolen

A lost or stolen BUC Card must be reported to the Student Union office as soon as possible.

The cardholder will be liable for all financial transactions including meal plan transactions on the card until it is reported to the Student Union Office as lost or stolen. By reporting the BUC Card as lost/stolen, it will be deactivated to prevent misuse and placed on hold. If found, the cardholder must bring the BUC Card to the Student Union office to have the account reactivated. If the card is not found, the BUC Card will be re-issued with a new encoding card number. Previous balance and account history will carry forward to the new card number. Students are now able to disable a lost or stolen ID card through their MyBarry account.

The fee for re-issuing a BUC Card is $15.00; this fee will be automatically charged to the student’s Barry account.

The fee for re-issuing all clinical badges are $5.00 cash and this must be paid at the time when the new badges are issued.

Students are now able to disable a lost or stolen ID cards through their MyBarry account.


The Student Union Office understands and maintains individual and institutional rights to privacy and confidentiality of students, faculty, and staff.