Events Resources

Whether you're planning a meeting, conference party, luncheon, workshop, vendor fair, or any other type of event, the resources listed below have been developed to assist you. You will find helpful hints and checklists to guide you through the event planning process from start to finish. Please take the time to review these items before organizing your next event.

Landon Events Room

The Landon Events Room accommodates up to 169 people. The facility can be used for meetings, luncheons, dinners, seminars, and receptions. The Landon Events Room is the largest of our conference/events rooms.

Bucky's Cove

Bucky's Cove, formerly known as Grill 115, accommodates up to 187 people. The space can be best described as an informal lounge. The space is typically used for receptions and student events.

Landon Atrium

The Landon atrium can be used for vendor fairs and informational tables. Other events in the Landon atrium must be approved by the Director of the Student Union.

Landon Courtyard

The Landon courtyard must be reserved through the web request form. Setup requirements should be indicated in the web request form.

Conference Rooms

Landon Student Union has four conference rooms. The smaller conference rooms on each floor accommodates up to 12 people. The larger the conference room on each floor accommodates up to 20 people. All conference rooms are equipped with a projection screen and a white board. Computers and projectors may be reserved through Audio Visual for use in the conference rooms.

Third Floor Patio

The third floor patio in Landon Student Union can accommodate up to 30 people, and there are five picnic tables in the space. The space is used for small events. The reservation of this space has to be approved by the Student Union Office.