Cable Services and Information Channel Instructions

Cable Services

The Student Union Office manages cable television for all residence halls and campus offices. Requests for cable TV service can be submitted to

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Information Channel Submission Instructions

  • All requests must be submitted to one week prior to air time.
  • All requests must have the approval of the sponsoring organization's president and other approved board member.
  • The correct pixel aspect ratio of TVs is 1280 x720 pixels at approximately 150 dpi.
  • All requests must include air dates.
  • The maximum display period is capped at two weeks for all requests.
  • Acceptable file formats for the Info Channel are: jpg, psd, bmp, pub, tiff, and pdf files.
  • Content material may not promote outside organizations or events not sponsored by Barry University.
  • All text must be legible, and large enough to be seen from a distance.

All your questions must be addressed to:

The Student Union Office
Phone: 305-899-4900