Computer Science (CS)

Barry’s Computer Science program offers a robust course catalog to provide students with the practical and theoretical foundation necessary to compete in today’s job market. Collectively, our professors possess decades of expertise within the field of computer science, and are eager to train the next generation of specialists who will carry the torch into the twenty-first century digital world.

Learn more about modern software engineering, programming languages, algorithms, and computer networking - all components essential to the development of your unique critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students have access to Barry’s state-of-the-art technology laboratory, equipped with virtual machine-based computer security simulation, 3D printing, Linux and Windows servers.

And remember to ask one of our helpful advisors about enhancing your Computer Science degree with a Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, or Digital Media Specialization. With as few as fifteen additional credits, CS graduates who possess specializations will enjoy a plethora of exciting career opportunities!

Career Insights for Computer Science (BS)