CS and CIS Programs

Computer Science and Computer Information Sciences Programs

Computer Science (CS)

The Computer Science program is designed to provide majors with a solid theoretical and technical foundation in the field of computers. The program provides a balance between problem-solving techniques and system implementation. Majors demonstrate skills in critical thinking, project development, independent study, and research.

Computer Information Sciences (CIS)

The Computer Information Sciences (CIS) program combines the study of computer systems and computer technology with the study of a specialization selected by the student. The Computer Information Sciences student will be well prepared to develop innovative technology applications and pursue careers in the cutting edge fields of digital media or cybersecurity.

  1. Cyber Security that explores vulnerability analysis and mitigation, network security, computer forensics, Biometrics, and cryptography.
  2. Digital Media, which explores, computer animation, 3D modeling and printing, web design, gaming, and virtual reality technologies.

Computer facilities include a departmental computer laboratory equipped with state of the art personal computers with access to Linux and Windows servers. The department also has a virtual machine based computer security simulation-, 3D printing-, and a virtual-reality -labs.