Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Communication at Barry University welcomes you to an ideal environment for learning and achievement in this challenging field.  Small class sizes, accessible and mentoring faculty, and industry-standard facilities, all rooted in a liberal arts program, are the keys to our students’ success.

The Department of Communication offers majors in four exciting areas:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Television and Digital Media
    Designed for students considering a career in television/video and related broadcast fields. Provides an integrated experience in order to learn how to report, write, anchor, produce, direct, and edit for traditional media such as radio and television, and also how to apply these skills to social media and the Internet.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies
    Broad-based program designed for students seeking a generalist's orientation to the communication discipline. Students develop a core knowledge of persuasive strategies and the human communication process. Students may also pursue a minor in communication and media studies.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations
    The Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations develops knowledge and skills in advertising and public relations as well as practical understanding of the role these fields play within contemporary integrated communications.

Communication Students

Each student receives individual attention from a dedicated group of faculty and staff. Additionally, all department majors and minors have access to contemporary production facilities, including the Brinkley Television Studio, and can produce content by participating in multiple student media, including WBUJ radio, the Buccaneer campus newspaper, and Btv - Channel 14, the campus cable channel.

If you are interested in one of our degree programs, then we invite you to visit us in beautiful Miami Shores, Florida. Contact us to arrange a meeting with the faculty in your area of interest and see if the Department of Communication at Barry University is right for you.

Dr. Vicente Berdayes
Chair, Department of Communication