Advertising and Public Relations

The Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations develops knowledge and skills in advertising and public relations as well as practical understanding of the role these fields play within contemporary integrated communications.

This dual track program exposes students to research-based strategic planning, development of creative materials for multiple communications platforms, and innovative uses of media for promotion, all grounded in ethical and moral principles of persuasive practice. The advertising track further examines advertising’s influence on society, both within national and international contexts, while the public relations track emphasizes writing and presentational skills aimed at internal and external audiences.

Students take courses that prepare them for the world’s job market including advertising and public relations planning, creative design, research, and promotion. In addition, our location in the Miami area allows students to explore unique internship opportunities within the region’s numerous advertising and public relations agencies, private corporations, and non-profit groups.

Upon graduation, students will be prepared to:

  • Develop effective advertising and public relations campaigns,
  • Understand how research, strategy, and positioning interact in the context of professional communication efforts,
  • Craft original and creative promotional materials,
  • Communicate effectively with clear writing and presentational skills,
  • Plan effective media strategies that employ complex promotions across media platforms, and
  • Apply sound ethical principles in the practice of advertising and public relations, including sensitivity to the social impact of these fields in differing cultural and global contexts.

Program Highlight – The Advertising & Public Relations Campaign

Your studies in advertising and public relations will conclude in a large capstone project in which you produce a complete campaign that utilizes the knowledge acquired in all classes in your major. The campaign exposes you to real life situations such as client meetings, strategic brainstorming, and creative design sessions.

If you have an interest in art and are drawn to the creative aspects of advertising and public relations, you can also further develop your production skills with interdisciplinary coursework in graphic design.

Furthermore, the Advertising and Public Relations major also offers you the chance to gain practical experience in these fields. Students in the program are encouraged to pursue internships as part of their studies. Students gain credit in their major while pursuing valuable real work experience prior to entering the job market.

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