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If you have prior work experience, military service, or college credits, they can probably be applied to your degree. You may earn up to 30 credits by demonstrating college-level learning in one or more of the following academic disciplines: administration, behavioral sciences, communication, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and five special topics. Use our credit predictor tool to get an estimate of your transferable credits.

Create Your Completion Path

With 7-week semesters, online courses, live remote lectures, and accelerated formats, you can design the schedule that fits best with your life and responsibilities.

Financial Aid Guidance and Support

At Barry, we believe that everyone deserves an affordable private education. That’s why we offer generous financial aid and scholarship packages. In fact, we are one of the top universities in financial aid awards, and highly ranked in social mobility performance.

Career Advice

As you work towards getting your degree, Barry’s Career Development Center can help you define the next steps in your career. From resume writing, to interview prep, online skills assessments, and more, our career professionals will be there to support you.

Personalized Support

At Barry, you’ll get the amount of attention you want or need from the moment you contact us, to the day of your graduation.

Our Professional Academic Advising will help with navigating intricate academic requisites, selecting suitable courses, and formulating a personalized degree completion strategy. And when you need a push or extra motivation, we’ll be there for you too.

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