Department of History and Political Science

Study the factors that shape society

About the Department History and Political Science

At Barry University every class is taught by an experienced professor, whose goal it is to make learning an enriching experience through one-on-one attention and by providing a community like environment.

Our goal is to see our students succeed in their college careers.

The Department of History and Political Science offers students a solid foundation in preparing them for fulfilling careers in the fields of law, international studies, history, government, politics, business, media and teaching.

Students in the History, Political Science or Pre-Law programs also have the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree and a law degree in a combined six years.

Our Programs

  • History (BA)

    Provides the knowledge of a context in which to place, understand and better interpret local and world events while developing skills in research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and writing.

  • Political Science (BS)

    Promotes an understanding of our American political landscape and government, an appreciation of our international community, a capacity for intelligent evaluations of public policy, and a sensitive awareness of opposing points of view in the political conflicts of our time.

  • Pre-law (BA)

    Develops strong analytical and writing skills combined with solid concentrations in business, history, political science, and philosophy to provide students with a broad preparation to do well in law school.

  • International Studies (BA)

    Prepares students for careers in international relations, global politics, cultural affairs, or any number of professional pursuits dealing with business, law and economics.

History and Political Science Academic Minors

Apart from the academic majors in History, International Studies, Political Science, and Prelaw, the Department of History and Political Science offers academic minors in:

  • History
  • Political Science
  • Peace Studies
  • Social Science

Any of these minors can be combined with the department’s traditional History and Political Science majors or with most any academic major at Barry University (both within and outside the College of Arts and Sciences) to create an enhanced, unique, and integrated academic program suited to the particular academic and professional interests of a student. 

A minor can be added to most majors without additional coursework beyond the university’s required 120 credit hours.

Our Minors


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