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Laboratory Sciences/ Clinical Biology Programs

Clinical Biology is a term used to describe a range of occupations in which individuals have responsibility for assisting, facilitating, or complementing physicians and other specialists in delivering healthcare services to patients. Advances in the prevention and diagnosis of disease, in therapy and rehabilitation, and the need to cope with new health and environmental concerns have increased demands for skilled personnel in allied health fields. Barry offers programs for students seeking to meet the growing demand in Histotechnology and Medical Laboratory Science.


The Clinical Biology Programs seek to prepare our students with skills that will allow them to apply scientific knowledge, while collaborating with others using verbal, written, and technological skills inherent to health care. Students graduate with the necessary tools to engage in professional practices that adhere to the concepts of integrity, ethics and patient advocacy.

Barry University’s Histotechnology Specialization Program (HTL) is the only program in Florida accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

Laboratory Sciences/ Clinical Biology Program Options

  • Clinical Biology, BS

    If you have an associate's degree and certification as a medical laboratory technician, histotechnician, nuclear medicine technician, ultrasound technician or respiratory technician, you can advance your career as a health care professional by earning a bachelor's degree in clinical biology.

  • Clinical Biology, MS

    This master's program in clinical biology is designed to prepare laboratory and allied health professionals for career advancement by providing interdisciplinary educational opportunities in research, biotechnology, clinical practice and healthcare law, ethics and leadership.

  • Histotechnology Certificate

    The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Histotechnology program is designed for students have a bachelor’s degree in biology or related field. This 4+1 program prepares you for histotechnology certification with one year of study. Histotechnologists work in hospitals, research labs and medical offices.

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