Bachelor of Arts in English

While many students majoring in English pursue careers directly related to literature and teaching, there are numerous career options in today's competitive economy for accomplished English majors. The corporate world has also recognized the power and importance of understanding information combined with strong, sound writing and analytical skills.

As a Barry University English major, you will learn to separate content from rhetoric, research and synthesize information, and present ideas in a sophisticated and articulate way. The capacity to think quickly and pull information together from diverse sources, and apply that information in a professional situation will lead to numerous options in business, government, law, health care, journalism, education, social serviceā€¦and many other career options you may consider.

Students majoring in English will choose one of three options: the general English degree, a specialization in Literature or a specialization in Professional Writing. In addition, you will belong to one of the most diverse academic communities in the nation. Combined with the multi-cultural setting of South Florida, Barry's distinguished faculty will provide personal one-on-one attention with a student to faculty ratio of 12:1. All faculty members serve as academic advisors who are prepared and willing to work with each individual student as you plan your coursework and your career.

Whether you are enrolled in the general English degree, the Professional Writing program or the Literature specialization, you will learn to create a resume, write query letters and market your skills to prospective employers. In addition, Barry will provide you with the opportunity to interact with industry professionals by inviting local editors, publishers, and digital media specialists to make presentations on campus.