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Faculty and Staff


Dr. Leah Blumenfeld

Dr. Leah Blumenfeld

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Phone: 305-899-3386
Office: O'Laughlin Hall, 241

E. Mary Caravelis

Dr. Mary Caravelis

Associate Professor of Geography and Political Science
Phone: 305-899-4570
Office: O'Laughlin Hall, 247

George J Cvejanovich, Jr.

Dr. George J. Cvejanovich, Jr.

Chair, Department of History and Political Science;
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies
Phone: 305-899-3475
Office: O'Laughlin Hall, 245

Sean Foreman

Dr. Sean Foreman

Associate Professor of Political Science
Phone: 305-899-4098
Office: O'Laughlin Hall, 243

Jesus Mendez

Dr. Jesus Mendez

Associate Professor of History
Phone: 305-899-3472
Office: O'Laughlin Hall, 248

E. Timothy Smith

Dr. E. Timothy Smith

Professor of History
Phone: 305-899-3471
Office: O'Laughlin Hall, 249


Wanda SilyWanda Sily

Administrative Assistant I
Phone: 305-899-3780
Fax: 305–899-5470
Office: O'Laughlin Hall, 250

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