The Glenn Hubert Learning Center


The Glenn Hubert Learning Center (GHLC), comprised of the Mathematics Laboratory, the Reading Center, and the Writing Center, seeks to develop independent, confident, and successful learners. Named for its benefactor, Mr. Glenn Hubert, it aims to provide specialized academic services that are tailored to meet the learning needs of all Barry students. Our mission is to support student success.


Barry University’s Glenn Hubert Learning Center serves as an academic resource for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students seeking assistance with college-level reading and analytical thinking skills, writing, and mathematics. Through GHLC’s Mathematics Laboratory, Reading Center, and Writing Center, students can work one-on-one with experienced professional tutors and obtain necessary support to be successful in a college-classroom setting. Services provided by the GHLC include customized directed tutorials, workshops, seminars, and classroom visitations, among others.