Mathematical Sciences

The Department offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences as well as a minor. The courses for the major cover the main areas of algebra, analysis, probability, statistics, numerical analysis, and discrete mathematics. Corequisites in physics and computer science are also required.

A major in the Mathematical Sciences is intended for students who wish to build a strong foundation for careers in mathematics. These include teaching, computer-­related areas, engineering, and actuarial sciences, among others. The B.S. in Mathematical Sciences also prepares students who wish to pursue further study in the mathematical sciences at the graduate level for math-­related jobs that exist in college teaching, research, industry, insurance companies, and government agencies such as the U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, etc.

Mathematics courses towards a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences are divided into two categories: core courses and electives. A grade of C or better is required in all courses towards the major, including the corequisites. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor, who will offer assistance in designing an appropriate curriculum and in the selection of courses each semester.

Career Insights for Mathematical Sciences (BS)