Course Content

This training program is designed for the student to prepare for a career as a Pharmacy Technician and acquire their national certification. The program utilizes a lecture-based format and is designed to be a cooperative effort between the student and the instructor, and is structured with interactive exercises, quizzes, and competency assessments.

ModuleSubject Matter
1 Basic Overview of the role of the Pharmacy Technician and the environment of the pharmacy
2 Prescription Processing (Basics)
3 Controlled Substances
4 Prescription Processing (Specifics)
5 Pharmacy Math
6 Patient Interaction
7 Patient Privacy
8 The Dispensing Process
9 The Principles of Managed Care in the pharmacy
10 Non-dispensing Duties in the Pharmacy
11 Drug and Medical Terminology
12 & 13 Basic Anatomy & Physiology / Common Disease States
14 Basic Pharmacology
15 Over-the-counter products
16 Unit Dose and Drug Repackaging
17 & 18 Non-Sterile Compounding / Sterile Product Compounding
19 Frequently Prescribed Medications
20 State Law Review and Discussion
21 Final review for course assessment or ICPT certification