Clinical  Biology at Barry University

Clinical Biology At Barry University: An Excellent Choice For Pre-Med Students

There are many paths to medical, dental or professional school and a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Biology is an excellent choice. Unlike other pre-med or pre-professional tracks, Clinical Biology graduates are highly sought after by the health care industry for immediate employment. This job demand provides graduates with much-needed income while they await acceptance into medical or professional schools.

Allied Health Professions In Laboratory Sciences

The term Allied Health Professions represents a broad-spectrum of healthcare-related fields where highly trained clinical professionals engage in the delivery of laboratory discovery, research and patient care.

Laboratory Scientists, or Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists, work with physicians and other critical members of a health care team, performing laboratory tests that are used for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Using sophisticated instruments, technology, and highly skilled manual techniques, Laboratory Scientists are involved daily—either directly or indirectly—with patient care. All allied healthcare professionals are vital members of a medical team; working together to ensure optimal patient care.

Laboratory Sciences Employment Outlook

Laboratory Scientists can specialize in hospital pathology, medical research, pharmaceuticals, industrial labs, veterinary labs, and more. They can also work for government agencies, global health organizations and private industry.

According the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment of medical laboratory technologists and technicians is projected to grow 13 percent over the next six years.