Clinical Opportunities for Students

The ability to serve children and families effectively is a crucial skill that must be developed with extensive training. This is a key competency that greatly affects graduate and doctoral counseling students’ future employment and effectiveness as professionals in the field. It is imperative that students gain hands-on supervised clinical experiences to complement what they are learning in their coursework.

The on-site CARE Center is able to offer a wide variety of hands-on experiences for graduate and doctoral counseling students. Practicum and intern counselors-in-training are able to gain supervised clinical experiences in their specialty areas as mental health, marriage and family counseling/therapy, and school counseling.

Graduate and doctoral counseling students receive supervised hands-on training to actual clients. This experience strengthens our students’ resume and portfolio and gives them an edge when applying for internships because they have direct experience.

Additionally, Barry University recognizes that true change, growth, and leadership come when our internal resources are leveraged for maximum impact. As a result, the CARE Center  seeks grants that support the University’s mission to serve under resourced and underrepresented populations. Graduate and doctoral counseling students are to participate in these grant funded programs through the CARE Center. For example, College Reach-Out Program (CROP) offers services that focus on enhancing resources for students and families, while also addressing factors outside of school that impact a student's ability to pursue a college education.