Barry University's EMT Program

Barry University's EMT Program

Barry University's first EMT class (left to right): Trudy Beerom, Tomas Arias, Carla Solis, Felix Oquendo, Jesses Cortes, Luis DeRosa, Jessica Velez, Eduardo Salinas, Ronald Voltaire, Claude Crevecoeur, Stevenson Lauture, Glenn Hubert, and Kevin Thompson.

Skills-Specific As Well As Career-Oriented.

Barry has established a 16-week training program leading to a Certificate of Completion. The course, approved by the State of Florida’s Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, provides preparation for the EMT certification exam. Instructors, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics, are all pre-screened and hired under Barry University standards.

Classroom sessions meet three days a week and are available at night and on weekends as well. Along with classroom work, there are skills labs in which techniques are demonstrated, learned and perfected, externships – ride-time with fire-rescue units and on ambulances where you primarily observe but may well be called on to participate in crises situations, and internships – observing and participating in life-saving stabilization techniques in hospital emergency rooms.

A Barry education carries with it the prestige and distinction of having studied under the supervision of a great University. Barry has included in its Emergency Medical Technician Program experienced guest speakers to offer insights into career paths, and help you set goals for higher achievement and higher rewards.

The choice is yours to make. For more information on the Barry University EMT Training Program, or to reserve a spot for upcoming classes, call 305-899-3352.