Child and Adolescent Specialization

Psychology (BS)

Psychology (BS) Child and Adolescent Specialization

The Child and Adolescent Development Specialization (18 credits) is available for psychology majors. The specialization is grounded in principles of developmental science that highlight the contribution of biological and contextual factors to describe and explain how children and adolescents both change and remain the same over time in terms of typical and atypical development. The specialization emphasizes current evidence-based, age-appropriate psycho-educational interventions and effective caregiving practices for children and adolescents. The program offers a blend of academic and experiential activities to prepare students for entry-level positions in organizations that serve children, adolescents and their families. The specialization serves as a meaningful stepping stone for students who want to pursue advanced studies in human development and family studies, developmental psychology, applied developmental psychology, counseling and clinical psychology.

The specialization requires the following courses:

  • PSY 283 Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 308 Psycholegal Issues of Children and Families
  • PSY 315 Psychology of the Family
  • PSY 451 Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • PSY 452 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
  • PSY 499 Internship

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