Autism Education Endorsement

Exceptional Student Education (MS)

Exceptional Student Education (MS) Autism Education Endorsement Courses

Only four courses (12 credits) beyond a valid certificate in special education or Exceptional Student Education (ESE) are needed for the endorsement.

You may complete the four endorsement courses at Barry University within two short semesters to qualify to teach students with autism.

Endorsement courses may be added to a Bachelor's or Master's degree in ESE.

Courses needed are:

Required Courses

  • Explores the history of autism, as well as neurological, cognitive, and environmental theories. Focuses on the educational characteristics of students with autism and related disabilities (i.e., Autistic Spectrum Disorders - ASD). Describes the social interaction, social communication, and imagination impairments of students with autism. Presents issues of identification and referral to special education. A minimum of eight (8) hours field experience required.

  • Proposes educational assessment techniques and procedures to provide an objective data base for individualizing instruction for children with exceptionalities. A major emphasis is placed on exploring assessment and diagnosis of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). A minimum of eight (8) hours of field experience required.

  • This course compares various behavioral management techniques appropriate for children with autism and children with emotional handicaps. A minimum of eight (8) hours of field experience required.

  • Surveys strategies appropriate for students with Autism, particularly the use of assistive and instructional technology, as well as natural, alternative and augmentative communication systems. A minimum of eight (8) hours field experience required.

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