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Anatomage Table: Displays Life Size Gross Anatomy

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The Anatomage Table is an advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education that has been adopted by many medical schools and health care institutions. The Anatomage Table is a combination of unique hardware and software for the medical and dental educational community.

The form factor resembles an operating table or hospital bed and the actual patient contents perfectly illustrate the anatomical realism of a living human. The Table comes pre-installed with:

  • 3D gross body male and female contents.
  • 3D High Resolution regional anatomy.
  • An optional digital anatomy library with over 120 pathological examples.

True Human Anatomy in a Life-Size Scale: The data are from real patient scans or cadavers, and thus, highly accurate. The Anatomage Table is the only system that can display true human gross anatomy in real life size. It makes for an excellent advanced education tool as well as a technical showpiece. With powerful radiology workstation features it can be used for radiology, surgery case review, patient consultation, and research purposes as well as anatomy education.

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