Nursing (BSN)

RN Licensure

After graduation students are qualified to apply for licensure by examination with a State Board of Nursing. A letter of completion and official transcript is usually sufficient evidence to apply for licensure by examination in most states. Students are advised to contact the Board of Nursing in the state they intend to take their licensure exam for detailed instructions. Official transcripts may not be available for up to two months after graduation. Faculty recommend students take the NCLEX-RN examination within a few months after graduation.

As part of the licensure application process, arrest and court records of final adjudication for any offense other than a minor traffic violation must be submitted by the applicant to the Florida Board of Nursing for review.

Effective July 1, 2009, Title XXXII Section 456.0635, Florida Statutes, requires health care boards or the Department of Health to refuse renewal of a license, certificate or registration or admit a candidate for examination, if the applicant meets certain conditions. Florida Statues: Title XXXII FLS 409; Title XLVI FLS 817 and FLS 893.

Overall BSN NCLEX - First Time Pass Rates

Calendar year
Number Students
taking NCLEX
First Time Pass Rate
2021 119 82.35%
112 90.18%
2019 115 86.96%
96 84.38%
2017 104 86.54%
2016 129 83.72%
2015 158 82.28%
Calendar year 2021 Number Students
taking NCLEX
First Time Pass Rate 82.35%
Calendar year 2020
Number Students
taking NCLEX
First Time Pass Rate 90.18%
Calendar year 2019 Number Students
taking NCLEX
First Time Pass Rate 86.96%
Calendar year 2018
Number Students
taking NCLEX
First Time Pass Rate 84.38%
Calendar year 2017 Number Students
taking NCLEX
First Time Pass Rate 86.54%
Calendar year 2016 Number Students
taking NCLEX
First Time Pass Rate 83.72%
Calendar year 2015 Number Students
taking NCLEX
First Time Pass Rate 82.28%

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