Occupational Therapy, OTD


The program includes a continuous and sequential structure, beginning with 18 credits in the Core Foundation courses in the discipline (i.e. Theoretical Foundations and Occupation-Centered Practice) and progressing to 18 credits of electives or advanced practice sequence where students complete interdisciplinary courses in specialty topics and advanced areas of practice culminating with a capstone project. The curriculum phases are logically sequenced to build upon previous knowledge and skills gained during the master"s degree preparation and professional practice experience as a certified occupational therapist. The curriculum facilitates the development of expert clinicians skilled in the appraisal and translation of theory and best research evidence to occupational therapy practice. The goals of the core sequence are for students to gain competencies in advanced critical thinking, scientific inquiry, integration of theoretical and evidence-based knowledge and professional leadership. During the second phase of the curriculum, students gain advanced clinical expertise, engage in self-reflection, and further lifelong learning in select specialty areas. The scholarly capstone project is the culmination of the learning process for the OTD student. In addition, the curriculum also includes a 16 week doctorate experiential practicum which is interwoven through the curriculum.

Courses in the curriculum are web and multi-media based and include synchronous and asynchronous distance learning formats. They may be completed on a part time of full time basis with a minimum of 6 credits required each semester.

Credits for Work and Professional Experience

The Occupational Therapy Program is committed to transformative education of adult learners through non-traditional lifelong learning experiences. We recognize the value of life and professional experiences and offer certified clinicians the opportunity to submit a reflective portfolio evidencing their acquired knowledge and skills that support the program"s professional and educational outcomes in the areas of leadership, research or specialized/ advanced practice. Student prospects may earn up to 6 credits towards their doctorate degree in occupational therapy through the submission of a reflective portfolio. An application/review fee applies. For additional Information, please contact the program director.

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