ANE 695 Transition to Nurse Anesthesia

Preparation Course

Transition to Nurse Anesthesiology (ANE 695 Course)

As you prepare for a future as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, the Post-Baccalaureate DNP in Anesthesiology at Barry University offers an online, self-paced, 3 credit hour course designed to specifically meet these needs. This rigorous course is taught by an experience and tenured Pharmacologists and an anesthesia provider. 

This innovative course introduces and reviews topics critical to success in a Nurse Anesthesia program.  

Covered topics include: 

  • Preparing for Nurse Anesthesia education
  • Introduction to Nurse Anesthesia
  • Mathematics Review
  • General Chemistry Review
  • Organic Chemistry Review
  • Physics for Anesthesia
  • Conversions and Calculations
  • Pharmacology and Physiology
  • Essential Critical Care Concepts

When is this course offered: 

This course is offered every semester:
Spring (January – May) 
Summer (May – August) 
Fall (August – December) 

How to apply and register: 

How to Apply: 

  1. Submit an application at  
  2. Select the Graduate tab. 
  3. Click on College of Nursing and Health Sciences (non-degree) 
  4. Complete the application form. 
  5. Use BARRY2024 to waive the application fee. 
  6. Submit 
  7. Upload your unofficial transcript to your MyBarry account.  

How to Register: 

Send Mercedes Diaz Pinero at an email requesting the required enrollment forms for ANE 695 Transitions into Nurse Anesthesiology. You must complete the required forms and return for approval and processing in order to register. 


ANE 695 Transitions into Nurse Anesthesiology is a graduate-level 3-credit course, Master's Level (Graduate) Programs, per credit - $1,020.00.   

Payment Plan Option:  

Once registered students can choose to enroll in a stress-free, 3-month payment plan. 

Common questions about this course:  

  1. This course DOES NOT include a lab component.  
  2. This is NOT a mandatory course,  and enrollment DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the Barry University CRNA Program.  
  3. Financial aid is not available for ANE 695 Transitions into Nurse Anesthesiology since it is an elective and not a required course.   
  4. You CAN NOT register online.  You must complete the required forms and send them to   
  5. Since this is an elective you do not have an advisor.  Any questions, please direct them to Mercedes Diaz Pinero, Associate Director of Academic Affairs at 305-899-3230.  


If you enroll in ANE 695 and change your mind, you have up to the 6th day of the official start of this course, to withdraw with  zero balance in your tuition account. If you choose to withdraw on the 7th day of the official start date, you will be financially responsible for 100% of the course. No exceptions will be considered. 

Your withdrawal request must be in writing and sent to Mercedes Diaz Pinero, Associate Director of Administrative Affairs  at  Questions or concerns about the withdrawal policy  may be directed to Mercedes Diaz Pinero  at 305-899-3230. 

ANE 695 Transitions Contact Person: 

Mercedes Diaz Pinero Associate Director of Administrative Affairs 
Anesthesiology Programs 

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