Leadership and Inclusion Conference

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Leadership and Inclusion Conference 2023

Leadership and Inclusion Conference 2023  

The annual Leadership & Inclusion Conference provides students with opportunities to explore their leadership potential, interact with peers and presenters, and develop a greater understanding of how they can make a positive contribution in the world. The conference will feature guest keynote speaker, Melqaam Shaw, as he shares his journey as well as three principles that will develop you as a leader: Envision your finish line, Empower yourself, and creating a Legacy you are proud of.  

The conference also includes six breakout sessions for students to select from which include: 

  • Active Allyship - Buzz words, catchy phrases, and cancellation won't help get to the route of the problem. Throughout this session we will collectively define some key terms/phrases, give advice on how you can utilize your privilege to help others, and participate in lifestyle simulation activity.  
  • Building Community as Leaders - This breakout session will focus on community building circles based on Restorative Justice practices, with a focus on empowerment as young leaders with the goal to connect with one another through storytelling and sharing perspectives. 
  • Clarifying Values: Unlocking Your Leadership - Leadership is about more than just being in charge. It's about defining your values, embracing authenticity, and empowering others. Discover the importance of these qualities and how they impact effective leadership in this session. 
  • First Generation Success (open to all First Gen Students)- The purpose of this breakout session will assist students to engage in a process to help them identify their leading-edge skills and aid them in discovering their life purpose. “Activity without purpose is the drain of your life.” - Tony Robbins 
  • It’s Possible: A Conversation with Barry Men (open to Barry’s Male population) - This session will focus on building trust and breaking through to develop the tenets of the leader and man you are aspiring to be. 
  • Your Legacy Starts Here - Join this dynamic breakout session to learn how this Barry Alumna unlocked her legacy. Explore invaluable tips on successful networking, connecting the dots in your leadership journey, and how to make the most of your Barry experience. Leave inspired to create a lasting legacy as you embark on your professional life. 

Light breakfast, a delicious lunch and raffle prizes are offered during the Leadership & Inclusion Conference.  

Deadline to RSVP for Conference is September 19, 2023 - RSVP via CORQ  

For more information and upcoming programs, follow us on Instagram @BarryuDePorres or contact us at leadership@barry.edu 

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