Evening of Honors

Apr 03, 2023

Dr. Pamela Hall Hosted the 7th Annual Evening of Honors for the City of North Miami.

Dr. Pamela Hall was invited to host the 7th Annual Evening of Honors event for the City of North Miami. She shared the stage with the Mayor of the City, other city officials, and Cool and Dre, the legendary and three-time Grammy-winning songwriters and record producers, both from North Miami. Also attending the event were students from the Africana Studies minor and graduate students enrolled in our Clinical Psychology Program, along with Haitian drummers.   

Dr. Pamela Hall, explaining and pouring libation

Dr. Hall with Haitian Drummer featuring Mecca aka Grimo

Cool and Dre, songwriters and record producers

In the center is Mary Desulme. Left of Mayor is award recipient Rico Love and North Miami City Officials (Vanessa Joseph, City Clerk and Miguel Augustin, Finance Director) and to right of Mayor Desulme are two North Miami City official (Councilman Pierre Frants Charles, Assistant City Manager Aneisha Daniel). 

Dr. Hall and students from our African Studies Minor and graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Program (Brittini Thomas, Arielle Bowleg, AJ, Susel Terrero-Rodriguez, Latisha Thomas, and Tennille Crawford 

Dr. Ebony Coney award recipient with Dr. Hall and the Mayor of North Miami, Dr. Alix Desulme. Dr. Coney is a member of the Association of Black Psychologists, South Florida Chapter. 

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