Inclusive Teaching and Learning Consultants (ITLC) Initiative

Advancing the Principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Who’s Who....

Dr. Tameka Hobbs

Dr. Hobbs is the Regional Manager for the African American Research and Cultural Library in Broward County. Prior to this role she served as the Executive Director of the A. Philip Randolph Institute of Law, Race, Social Justice, and Economic Policy at Edward Waters University. Prior to joining Edward Waters University, she served as Associate Provost at Florida Memorial University and the founding director of the Florida Memorial Social Justice Institute. She is a historian, a researcher, author, activist, and educator. As an educator she taught at, Virginia State University, Florida A & M University, John Tyler Community College, and Florida Memorial University. She serves as a national consultant and her most recent publication, Democracy Abroad, Lynching at Home: Racial Violence in Florida. For this book publication, she was awarded the 2015 Florida Book Award for Florida Non-fiction. 

Professional Development Outline

Session 1 - Intersectionality, Reflexivity, and Positionally 

Dr. Tameka Hobbs and Courtney Berrien


Dr. Tameka Hobbs

Courtney Berrien
Associate Director,
Academic Student Success 

Session 2 - Trauma Responsive Practice 

Sambra Zaoui


Sambra Zaoui
LCSW, CCTP, EMDR, EMDR Psychotherapist,
Assistant Professor of Social Work 

Session 3: Restorative Justice Practices in Higher Education 

Sheila McMahon and Lauren Shure


Sheila McMahon, PhD, M.Div., MSW
LCSW, Assistant Professor of Social Work Counseling

Lauren Shure, PhD, LMHC
Associate Professor

Session 4: Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Dr. Tameka Hobbs and Lauren Shure


Dr. Tameka Hobbs

Lauren Shure, PhD, LMHC
Associate Professor of Counseling 

Session 5: Application of Inclusive Teaching Practices 

Dr. Chantelle Wilson


Dr. Chantelle Wilson
Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr 

Inclusive Teaching & Learning Consultants in Training 

School of Podiatric Medicine

  • Bibi Singh, Assistant Professor

School of Education, Leadership, and Human Development

  • Raul Machuca, Professor, Counseling 
  • Lauren Shure, Professor, Counseling 
  • Randall Peterson, Assistant Professor 
  • Mike Provitera, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior 

College of Health and Wellness 

  • Scott Dietrich, Assistant Professor, Athletic training  
  • Jeanne Antolchick, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology  
  • Natalie Foucauld, Assistant Professor, Medical Education  

School of Social Work 

  • Fabio Naranjo, Assistant Professor 

School of Law 

  • Margaret Stewart, Asst. Professor & Director of Earth Law Clinic/Director of Earth Jurisprudence 
  • Victoria Beatty, Assistant Professor, Law 

School of Business  

  • Carole Huberman, Associate Professor, Public Administration 

 College of Arts & Sciences  

  • Sarah Riva, Assistant Professor, History 
  • Celeste Landeros, Professor, English and Humanities

Special I-TLCs

  • Courtney Berrien, Associate Director, Student Success  
  • Marsha Francois, Graduate Research Assistant 

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