Academic Program

Academic Programs

There are about as many paths through life as there are people, so if you're uncertain about your major, that's understandable. It's also okay to change your mind; a degree is a major commitment (no pun intended). Along the way, you'll find subjects that really intrigue you. Uncovering your passions, and figuring out how to turn them into a rewarding career is what college is all about. We'll help you figure out how to capitalize on your interests and to select the most appropriate degree - after all, we have over a hundred to choose from.

Career Services: The Path To Your Future

It's okay if you're daunted, especially considering Barry's over 100 options - bachelors, masters, and specialist degrees in the sciences, communications, business, nursing, education, theology, as well as the fine and performing arts.

Beyond providing resume critiques, mock interviews, and internship information, Barry's Career Development Center is here to help reveal your aptitudes, values, and interests. Rest assured - together we'll get you focused on the ideal path for your career.

Showcase Your Progress With Innovative Learning Programs

Barry's smaller class sizes, personalized attention, and 15-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio adds greatly to the learning process. But what you absorb in class is only part of what you'll learn. Real world hands-on internships, performances, exhibits, and community interaction - they round out the practicable application of your knowledge, revealing a more useful perspective.

Over A Hundred Paths To Inspiration

If it were basketball, we'd get credited with the most assists. If it were football, we'd be known for our blocking. We won't score your personal and professional goals, but our faculty will help clear the path, helping you select the right one, and make it easier for you to get there.

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