Admissions Requirements (U.S.): Non-degree Seeking

Non-Degree-Seeking Applicants

If you wish to take courses for purposes of personal enrichment, teacher certification, or to secure credits to transfer to another institution (guest student), you may apply for non-degree-seeking status.

As a non-degree-seeking student, you may register for a limited number of credits as prescribed by the specific school in which classes are being taken. Guest students should refer to the section below.

In order to apply for admissions as a non-degree-seeking student you must follow these steps:

  1. Submit a completed an Application for Non-Degree Admission to Recruitment and Admissions.
  2. Send all required credentials:

    • If you are currently enrolled in a degree program elsewhere you must submit a signed statement of good standing from your home institution. (IMPORTANT: If you are planning to use the credits in your home institution, please verify with them first if the course is transferable.)
    • If you are a high school graduate seeking personal/professional enrichment, you must submit a high school transcript, a copy of your high school diploma, or the GED test results.
    • If you are a college graduate seeking teacher certification, you must submit proof of graduation from a regionally accredited school in the form of either a College transcript or a copy of college diploma.
    • If you have earned college credits (not currently enrolled)/ or if you are a college graduate seeking personal/professional enrichment, you must submit proof of graduation from a regionally accredited school in the form of College transcript or copy of college diploma.

Please note that application procedures to some certificate programs differ from the non-degree application procedure described above in that additional credentials may be required. (See specific school or program for details.) Also, please note that not all programs admit non-degree students. In general, international students are not eligible for non-degree study.

Guest Students

A student who wishes to take credits at Barry University for the purpose of transferring these credits back to another institution in which they are enrolled is considered a "guest" student at Barry. In order to apply as a guest student, you must submit an Application for Non-degree Admission, and present a letter from the dean or department chair of the institution in which you are enrolled as a degree-seeking student, stating that you are in good standing.

Non-Degree-Seeking to Degree-Seeking Students

If in the future you wish to change you status from non-degree-seeking to degree-seeking you must complete the required online application and meet all requirements for degree-seeking applicants of the appropriate school and program. Enrollment as a non-degree-seeking student in no way implies admission to a degree program. Please do not hesitate to contact an admission counselor if you have any questions.