Education Doctorate in Organizational Learning and Leadership with a Specialization in Human Resource Development

An EdD in Organizational Learning and Leadership (OLL) with a specialization in Human Resource Development (HRD) opens a world of opportunity!

“The PhD is to understand the world; the EdD is to change the world!” Gordon Kirk

This Practitioner Doctoral program advances lifelong learning for students who want to further their knowledge in HRD as well as develop their competitive advantage as a vision-driven leader. Through the capstone project, our students have a field-based action learning opportunity to analyze problems of practice and develop meaningful solutions. The capstone project replaces the traditional dissertation. It is an opportunity to lead a high-priority project at a client organization to effect change.

Working individually and in conjunction with faculty and classmates, students engage in building a supportive and caring community. Our students are geographically and culturally diverse and come from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

What makes learning at Barry different?

  • Leadership Courses – 12 credits
  • HRD Specialization Courses - 15 credits
  • Research Courses - 9 credits
  • HRD Electives – 12 credits
  • Capstone Project – 6+ credits
  • Evening Classes
  • Supportive & caring community
  • Academic and career coaching

Program at a glance

  • Collaborative environment
  • Individualized Coaching
  • Caring Professors
  • Evening Classes
  • Small Class Size
  • Capstone Project

You are Invited

Jean Mcatavey

Take this opportunity to see what a Doctoral level class in HRD is like at Barry University. Meet other students in the program, and ask your future academic advisor questions all in one night! Attend a graduate class taught by department chair Dr. Jean McAtavey. Contact Dr. McAtavey to visit a class at

Dr. David M. Kopp with Shaquille O'Neal

Dr. David M. Kopp, Associate Dean, with Shaquille O'Neal after presenting his doctoral capstone project on April 21. Shaquille O'Neal received his EdD in Human Resource Development on May 5, 2012 at Barry's Commencement Ceremony. Hear more about Dr. O’Neal’s experience in the program.