Spring 2010 Issue

Enhanced Development

The U.S. Department of Education awarded congressionally directed grants of $95,000 and $167,000 to the College of Arts and Sciences. The two grants are being used to enhance undergraduate science education and to help fund the Service-Learning Database Development Project.

The $95,000 grant enhances curricula, research capabilities and academic opportunities for students in the College of Arts and Sciences’ undergraduate science programs. During the one-year grant period, funds will be used to upgrade technology and improve multimedia capabilities; purchase teaching aids, reference materials and research supplies/equipment, and support the annual undergraduate student research symposium.

Funding from the $167,000 congressionally directed grant will be used to establish the database infrastructure to coordinate existing community service and service-learning efforts, while supporting the institution in its expansion of community outreach to high-need areas. Under this two-year funded grant, Barry will develop, test and implement an interactive database system for use by Barry faculty, staff, students and the community.

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