Master of Science in Nursing Expected Outcomes

Once you become an Advanced Practice Nurse after successfully completing your master’s degree, you can expect to have acquired the following abilities in order to succeed in your profession:

  • Integrate evidence-based principles from advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, advanced health assessment and health promotion/ disease prevention into clinical decision making related to management of patient health/illness status.
  • Incorporate principles of leadership to develop and implement the nurse Practitioner role in health care delivery, and to generate professional, collaborative, and productive health care teams.
  • Synthesize and apply advanced knowledge, nursing experience, and the best available evidence as the basis for the delivery of safe, competent, and quality advanced nursing practice.
  • Select appropriate patient-care technologies and information systems to assess health status and to manage, enhance, integrate, and coordinate health care delivery.
  • Operationalize quality, cost effective nursing practice principles and function in a leadership role as an advocate for health care policy and health care delivery systems that are equitable, accessible and affordable for all populations across the lifespan.
  • Establish a caring partnership with patients and/or caregivers based on mutual trust. Collaborate with members of the health care team to resolve resistant patient care problems and to establish a safe, high quality health care environment.
  • Apply the best available evidence to provide culturally competent health care services to patients, families, and populations that focus on a framework of holistic illness treatment, as well as disease prevention, risk management, and health promotion.
  • Incorporates evidence -based standards of care, patient preferences, concern for patient safety and appropriate teaching/learning principles to devise and implement an individualized patient management plan.

Pass Rates

Calendar Year
(January 1-December 31)
Certifying AgencySpecializationNumber of test takersActual Pass rate
ANCC AGACNP 3189.29%
2017ANCCFNP 4395.24%

MSN Completion Rates

Entry Point
(Calendar Year of enrollment)
Number of MSN students enrolledVoluntary Attrition Number of MSN students who completed within set timeframeCompletion Rate
[column 4/ (column 2-3)]
201312129 (5 converted to DNP program)8996.73%
201464062 96.87%
201688085 retained to dateStill in progress
201772170 retained to dateStill in progress
201772170 retained to dateStill in progress
2018730 to date73 retained to dateStill in progress

Employment Rates

Percentage of MSN Graduates Employed in Nursing within 12 Months of Graduation

Year of Grad.Data Collection
Time Period
Data Collection
Number who respondedPercentage reporting employment
201512 Months post-graduationAlumni Survey3290.6%
201612 Months post-graduationAlumni Survey7690.7%
201712 Months post-graduationAlumni Survey3497%
201812 Months post-graduationAlumni SurveyN/AN/A