Led by Dr. Mureen Shaw, nursing faculty and students will be spending 7-days in the Island Nation of Haiti during the March 2017 Spring Break week, as part of the College of Nursing's NUR 300-Nursing Study Abroad Course Experience.

Senior nursing students will be traveling from March 4th- 11th, 2017 to the North-West Regions of Port-de- Paix and The Island of La Tortue, Haiti, as well as traveling to the South-West region of Haiti to an area known as Leogane. While on the island, students and faculty will be working alongside local community nurses and local leaders to render care in identified communities of need, and build relationships with the academic healthcare community.The nursing students will have an opportunity to meet and work with their fellow nursing-student colleagues there on the island, as we'll visit a local hospital and two nursing schools during our stay, and we'll be partaking in both academic and interactive healthcare activities in several communities as part of the experiential learning process. This is aninter-collaborative travel experience, as the nursing group will travel alongside Barry's CCSI's AlternativeBreak Group, and our Miami community partner, Amor En Accion.