Strategic Planning Process

  1. Develop an Academic Vision Statement

    1. Academic Deans and Faculty Senate leadership

  2. Environmental scan

    1. SWOT analysis entire University via Survey Monkey
    2. Themes extracted from responses

  3. Continue environmental scan building on deans' scan (focus groups, e-surveys, town hall meetings)

    1. Focus groups, e-surveys, town hall meetings

  4. Goal development roundtables - Based on expanded themes derived from facilitated group discussions

    1. Faculty, staff, students, administration , and board representation

  5. Goal refinement group - Small group of faculty, staff, and administrators

    1. Faculty, staff, administration representation

  6. Goals presented to, and approved by, Board of Trustees

  7. Operational Plan Development Committee established

    1. Faculty, staff, administration representation
    2. Created objectives, outcomes and action steps for each goal

  8. Operational Plan presented to, and approved by, the Executive Committee of the Administration

  9. Strategic Agenda Oversight Committee

    1. Faculty, staff, administrative representation
    2. Charged with monitoring and reporting on operational plan implementation