Strategic Planning Process

1. Appoint members to Strategic Planning Steering Committee

2. Announce to University Community

3. Continue environmental scan building on deans' scan (focus groups, e-surveys, town hall meetings)

a. extract major themes from dean SWOT

b. review existing operational plan for carryover of initiative activities

c. determine appropriate approach to engage constituencies and initiate engagement:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Administration
  • Alumni

4. Identify key issues based on above

a. Repeat theme extraction

5. Review key issues in context of mission

a. Obtain constituent input via electronic survey and constituency group meetings

6. Develop shared vision

a. ECA input
b. Community input

7. Develop goal statements that are consistent with mission and vision

a. ECA input
b. Community input

8. Develop initiatives to achieve goals

a. ECA input
b. Community input

9. Prepare Strategic Agenda report

10. Obtain board approval for strategic plan goals and initiatives

11. Develop action plan