Program Overview

The Master Degree Program in Clinical Psychology at Barry University, housed within the College of Arts and Sciences, is based on the scientist-practitioner model of training. It is designed to prepare you for continuing graduate education and careers in the area of mental health.

The program will provide you with quality academic instruction, research experience, and supervised clinical training at a variety of mental health centers. At Barry University, we focus on training students to master the traditional clinical skills of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. The theoretical orientation of the program is eclectic. There are two degree options: a 60-credit option and a 36-credit option.

All courses are offered in the evening. The Clinical Psychology Practicum is required in both degree options.  It is an introduction to clinical activity and requires eight hours per week of supervised clinical work in a mental health setting for one semester. The Clinical Psychology Internship, offered in the third year of the 60-credit option, is a 1,000 hour, supervised clinical experience that allows for the development of more advanced clinical skills.