ISR Program

Instructional Activities in Sport and Recreation

As a student at Barry, you will have the opportunity to take part in a number of Sport skill courses in our ISR program.

The ISR Program is designed to promote physical and mental well-being through development of and involvement in a style of life that includes physical activity. Joy of participation plays an important role in relieving stress, clearing the mind, and reenergizing the spirit.

Our goal is to impart you with the importance of vigorous physical activity so that you may gain a lifelong enjoyment of the health that comes from movement.

The following Sport Skill courses are available on a rotating basis, or based on faculty, staff, or student interests. Most courses are available at the 100 level for beginners and then the 200 level for the more advanced.


Basketball I/II

Bowling I/II


Indoor Soccer

Outdoor Soccer

Tennis I/II

Volleyball I/II

Advanced Scuba Activities

Night & Drift Diving


Kung Fu I/II

Tai Chi I/II

RAD Self Defense for Women

Aerobic Exercise I/II

Body Sculpting

Boot Camp

Cardio Kickboxing

Mind & Body Meditation



Strength Training I/II

Walk, Jog & Run

Yoga I/II



Spring 2016 Schedule