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Membership Responsibilities

Student Fund Managers

Student Fund Managers are responsible for all research, analysis and work in putting together investment proposals and proposed directions for the fund. Student Fund Managers should always have two objectives in mind for the success of the fund. These objectives are to effectively and profitably manage the fund, and to ensure continuity of the fund. Student Fund Managers are also responsible for attending all investment decision meetings, giving input on investment proposals, and voting to approve or reject said proposals.

Student Analysts

Membership is open to all Andreas School of Business students that have completed ACC-201 and ECO-201. Non-business majors must still complete ACC-201 and ECO-201. General members will receive the title of Analyst. Analysts will actively participate in all SMIF meetings and will be responsible for researching sectors, companies, and economic markets, in conjunction with their assigned Fund Manager. They may also put together investment proposals on their own that will be considered and voted upon by the Investment Committee.

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