Alumni Board of Directors

The Board of Directors acts as an advisory board between the University and the Alumni Association to promote activities that foster alumni participation and raise money for scholarships (including the Sr. Dorothy Browne Endowed Scholarship and the Barry University Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship). Each member of the newly elected Board of Directors must serve on at least one committee a year during their three year term of office. The committees include:

  • Awards Committee
  • A Barry Life Committee
  • Scholarship Committee


Martha Smith ‘76
School of Business

Vice President
Stephanie Rakofsky ‘81
School of Social Work


Vora Bussey ‘96
School of Adult & Continuing Education

Ashling Coletti ‘04
College of Arts & Sciences

Mark Field ‘03
College of Arts & Sciences

Alexander Hannett ’07, MS ‘09
School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences

Thomas Leeder ‘03
School of Law

Carmen Blanco Marinelli ‘76
College of Arts & Sciences

Maria Mas Blet ‘01
School of Professional and Career Education

Smilka Melgoza ‘03
School of Business

Nora Conroy Pardave ’03, MBA ‘10
School of Business

Jean Ross ’96, ’97, PhD ‘05
School of Education

Michael Suder ‘09
School of Business

Michael Ugarte ’06, MS ‘09
School of Arts & Sciences
School of Education

Adrienne Vazquez ‘05, MSN ‘10
College of Health Sciences

Noreen Bevilacqua Virgin ‘68
College of Arts and Sciences


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