BUSAA Programs & Membership Benefits

Alumni Connection

Our goal is to inspire our students to remain Barry Proud by facilitating meaningful relationships and experiences with alumni. We pride ourselves on the extensive outreach of the Barry community and continually urge our alumni to do their part in positively impacting the student experience.

Show Your Barry Pride

Every college student deserves to get the most out of their experience here at Barry. One of the best ways to ensure this type of satisfaction at Barry is to participate in its traditions, several of which are connected to BUSAA. As BUSAA members, students have the opportunity to showcase their Barry Pride, engage in Barry's rich legacy of philanthropy, and build relationships between current students and alumni.

Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee

BUSAA students may choose to join one of two committees, including the Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee.

  • Philanthropic Activities: One of the primary functions of the Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee is to demonstrate Barry's commitment to collaborative service. Committee members are charged with developing programs of their choosing to support community initiatives. The committee may choose, for example, to hold a clothing or food drive and enlist the participation of Barry students, faculty, and staff.
  • Thank-a-Thon: Because so many of our students rely on the generosity of our alumni, it is only natural that BUSAA members and the wider student body should want to show their thanks. To honor and recognize the contributions made by alumni, committee members also assist with Thank-a-Thon, an annual event during which students send personal thank-you-notes to the alumni who have made an investment in the futures of Barry University students.

Alumni Engagement Committee

BUSAA members who are particularly interested in building connections with alumni may wish to consider joining the Alumni Engagement Committee. Members of this committee serve as student ambassadors and/or hosts at Alumni Association events, such as Networking with the Pros and Alumni Reunion Weekend. In their roles as ambassadors and hosts, students have the opportunity to meet numerous alumni from various fields. Committee members are also encouraged to suggest other ways to engage with Barry University alumni.

Dinner For Ten Buccaneers

Dinner for Ten Buccaneers is a growing tradition here at Barry, where students are afforded the opportunity to interact with alumni within a relaxed, casual setting. . As part of this series, an alumna or alumnus will invite a group of 10-12 students to dinner, often in their own homes, to share advice and words of wisdom in an informal setting. Students will be invited to apply as dinners are scheduled.

Networking With The Pros

Each year, the Offices of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving host Networking with the Pros, in collaboration with the Career Development Center. Networking with the Pros is the largest networking event of the year, featuring a keynote speaker and dozens of alumni from a variety of fields. Alumni are available during the event to answer questions about their fields and some even serve as recruiters for their businesses. This event provides an excellent opportunity to BUSAA members seeking to further their professional development.