Programs & Membership Benefits

Alumni Connection

Our goal is to inspire our students to remain Barry Proud by facilitating meaningful relationships and experiences between them and alumni. We pride ourselves in the extensive outreach of the Barry community and continually urge our alumni to do their part in positively impacting the student experience.

Philanthropy: Leaving Your legacy

More than 90% of current Barry students are receiving some form of financial aid. Much of this support is received from our Alumni, who grace us with their gifts on behalf of student scholarships. In order to help our members understand the true value of “giving back,” we continually hold campus service projects and fundraising campaigns to improve the Barry community, just as our alumni do with their gifts to the Barry Fund.

  • 2012 BOAT Legacy Projects
    This year, Barry’s Student Alumni Association raised over $150 for student scholarships by holding a Valentine’s Day Rose Sale. Thanks to all students, staff, faculty, and alumni that participated.

  • During this year’s BUCFEST celebration, BOAT will be beautifying our campuses volleyball court, located right by the Pentafort Pool breezeway. This project is in support of Barry’s annual “Day of Service” initiative. If you’d like to take part in this project, please contact Carlneshia Hunnicutt.

Show Your Barry Pride

Every college student deserves to get the most out of their experience here at Barry. What helps most to ensure that is helping to maintain, enhance, and even create all of the great traditions we have here at Barry.

Barry Pride Committee

Within the student alumni association, there is a sub-committee of Barry Proud students who bleed red, silver, and black at all school-sponsored events and athletic contests. If you’re interested in being part of the Barry Pride Committee or taking active part in our “student section,” please contact Brian Otero.

Dinner For Ten Buccaneers

Dinner for Ten Buccaneers is a growing tradition here at Barry, where students are afforded the opportunity to interact with alumni within a relaxed, casual setting. Your application will be organized amongst groups of ten other students and paired with one of our alumni, who we feel will most effectively create an experience that is meaningful to you.

Download Dinner for Ten Buccaneers Application.

Register For An Alumni Mentor

Barry University Career Services has developed an interactive mentoring database called eBUC$ Connections. This database provides an opportunity for Barry alumni to develop relationships with current students by becoming mentors. Mentors can share information, resources and offer industry knowledge by providing informational interviews, mock interviews, shadowing opportunities and other related career development activities. To register, it is QUICK and EASY!

Visit Career Services’ page for more details about the program and how to register!