Career Development Center

      Career Development Center is available to assist students and alumni with a variety of career-related services, events, and resources. Our staff is dedicated to helping students with all aspects of academic/major exploration and the career search process. Career Development Center can help you discover the career that best suits you.

      Career Development Center presents:

      YOUR AMAZING RACE to Discover Your Calling

      This year’s Vocational Discernment theme is based after the popular reality TV show ‘The Amazing Race’. Similar to the reality show, students will arrive at each destination - our events - to accumulate points and collect clues, or some insight that would help them find purpose and meaning in their lives. Points are obtained by checking into our events, and a minimum of 6 points total for the academic year allows you to enter a drawing for our Grand Prize – An apple iPad. Please see the event calendar for the list of Career Development Center events.

      We encourage all of our students and alumni to attend our events to complete the race by discovering their calling, exploring career opportunities, and taking a step toward a fulfilling work life.

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