The purpose of the Career Development Center (CDC) is to empower students and alumni to take personal responsibility for their lifelong career development. The overall goal is to challenge every student to examine their values, interest, skills and abilities and to define his or her life in terms of vocation by providing opportunities for students to:

LEARN about themselves and the needs of society.
REFLECT on who they are in relation to the needs of society and their role in it.
SERVE the community while finding purpose in their lives.

Our office educates students and alumni on essential job searching and life skills to propel them to succeed in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

By cultivating external partnerships, the CDC exposes the university to diverse opportunities where individuals can utilize all facets of their education to embrace a global worldview and serve the international community.

Through university collaborations, the CDC fosters relationships with faculty and staff to integrate the academic experience with the workplace.

The CDC uses innovative technology and resources to provide comprehensive services beyond the traditional campus environment.

In support of institutional assessment efforts, the CDC continually examines outcomes and implements best practices.