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Adrian Dominican School of Education

Lilia Dibello, EdD
Associate Professor and Chair,
Curriculum and Instruction Department
Ruth Ban, PhD
Associate Professor
Sean Buckreis, PhD
Assistant Professor
Jill Farrell, EdD
Associate Dean/Professor
Adrian Dominican School of Education
Javier Gonzalez, PhD
Assistant Professor
Sam Perkins, PhD
Associate Professor and Director,
Undergraduate Program
Gerene Starratt, PhD
Associate Professor
Mehmet Turegun, PhD
Associate Professor
Carter Winkle, PhD
Assistant Professor

College of Arts and Sciences

Sean D. Foreman, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
Andrea Greenbaum, PhD
Professor of English
Gary Grizzle, PhD
Associate Professor Chair,
Sociology and Criminology
E. Timothy Smith, PhD
Professor of History

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