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The Education Association of Barry (EAB)

EAB Mission

Service Scholarship * Community * Professional Development


The purpose of this organization is to establish an association that promotes unity among the pre-service education students and Barry University. The Association shall encourage the pre-service education students to grow professionally and to continue to learn new ideas that will enhance them as future educators.

What the EAB Can Offer You!

The EAB is a professional organization that provides its members with educational and charitable opportunities. Each meeting features a topic presented by a speaker who has expertise in the field.

The EAB teams up with a classroom and participates in a semester long pen pal activity entitled “Barry Buddies”

Not only will you learn information about becoming a teacher that you won’t learn in the classroom, but you will make valuable relationships with other members of the program. It is easy to find a mentor and later, become one.

Benefits of Becoming Part of the EAB

Make the most out of your Barry experience!

  • Barry Buddies
  • Bake Sales
  • Teacher Store
  • Informational lectures
  • Volunteer opportunities in our community
  • Collections for the underprivileged

And More!

Come Join!

With a membership fee of $10, the experience pays for itself. Becoming an active member of the EAB also counts towards AP3: Professional Development

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Javier Gonzalez - he can be reached at or call 305.899.3758

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