Student standing in front of Cor Jesu Chapel

Barry Fund

We appreciate the work all our faculty and staff accomplish day in and out on behalf of the university mission.

That said, the single most impactful way to support Barry University and our students is through the Barry Fund. When you make a gift to the Barry Fund you promise to have a significant impact on all areas of the university, helping Barry provide students access to quality teaching, modern facilities, and all the resources they need to have success on campus and beyond.

Opportunity Scholarship

Our future at Barry University is brighter than ever, but we need our alumni and friends to partner with us at every level of involvement. We are committed to making you proud in all that we do as we strive to transform lives for a greater tomorrow.

Your gift of $2,500 will support one Opportunity Scholarship for a Barry student with unlimited potential, but limited financial means.

When you give to Barry University, you transform a student's life forever. Through your sustained contributions, we are able to provide academic scholarships, develop student programs, upgrade facilities, and defray operating costs.

Learn more about supporting our students with the Opportunity Fund Scholarship.