Reporting Sexual Assault

The University encourages the reporting of all incidents of sexual misconduct. Deciding whether to report an incident is a personal and often difficult decision. Reporting sexual assault is often the beginning of a process by which victims regain control over their lives. Reporting sexual assault may also help in preventing future incidents and establishing precedent that will aid other victims in the future. It is important to understand the options available for reporting an incident of sexual assault. The following options are available

Confidential Reporting

There are three options that offer complete confidentiality. You may speak with:

  • a licensed counselor in the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, Landon 105, 305-899-3950
  • the University’s Chaplain, Rev. Cristobal Torres, OP, Chapel House, 305-899-3650
  • a Victim Advocate, Landon 101, 305-899-4926

Formal Complaint

A formal complaint may be filed with any of the Reporting Contacts listed below:

  • Dean of Students /Deputy Coordinator for Title IX
    305-899-3085, Landon 300
  • Office of Public Safety
    305-899-3335, Landon 100
    In an emergency, contact Public Safety 24/7 at 305-899-3333.
  • Victim’s Advocate
    Landon 101, 305-899-4926

Criminal Complaint

A criminal report may be filed with the Miami Shores Police Department (911 for emergencies or 314-444-5385), or appropriate jurisdiction. The Office of Public Safety is available to provide assistance with contacting the Miami Shores Police Department, or other appropriate jurisdiction.

An individual may file a report with both the University and the Miami Shores Police Department, or other appropriate jurisdiction, as the systems operate independently.