First-Year Experience Seminar

The First-Year Experience Seminar course (ORI 100) is open to all freshmen.  The course is one credit and its purpose is to assist you in adjusting to college life while learning skills essential for academic and personal success.

Throughout the course, you will be introduced to different instructional strategies in order to get you accustomed to the many different teaching styles you will face throughout your time at Barry. Some instructional strategies include lecture, small group interaction, large group discussion, out of class readings, community interaction, and more.


A Barry education fosters individual and communal transformation where learning leads to knowledge and truth, reflection leads to informed action, and a commitment to social justice leads to collaborative service.  This course will enable you to explore the components of a liberal arts education and will also assist you to more fully develop competencies and resources in skills necessary for college and self-discovery.


  • Identify personal values, as well as internal and external motivators
  • Learn your responsibilities as a student
  • Learn to treat others with civility
  • Identify realistic approaches to setting and achieving goals
  • Identify effective strategies for studying, note taking, test taking, and managing time
  • Analyze yourself and set a vocational plan
  • Learn communication with diverse populations
  • Learn skills to build a successful future
  • Improve your financial literacy
  • Learn to stay healthy