Barry CARES Initiative: Promoting Civility and Respect

Barry’s Mission and Core Commitments call us to foster dignity, compassion, and respect for others. The Barry CARES Initiative operationalizes the University’s mission by embracing civil and respectful faculty, staff, and student interactions and behaviors.

The Barry CARES Feedback System promotes communication by providing an avenue for students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, alumni, and community members to send their feedback. All are welcome to share suggestions on what we are doing well and what we can do better. This feedback helps us transform the Barry University experience.

The Thank You for Caring Message Board is a place for students, faculty, and staff to publicly recognize a faculty, staff, or student for their service excellence.

The Barry CARES initiative promotes professional development and engages students in conversations on civility and respect through:

  • Annual Open Forum for Students
  • Using the Principles of Service and observing the Core Service Standards

Principles of Service

The Barry CARES initiative supports collaboration among all University and community members to create a culture of service excellence. The five Principles of Service give us the framework for collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement:

  1. Lead the Way
  2. Look for the Best Solution
  3. Work as a Team
  4. Enhance Productive Communication and Use of Technology
  5. Demonstrate Professionalism
Principles of Service Guidelines

Barry CARES Core Service Standards

  1. I understand my role in fulfilling the Barry University Mission.
  2. I take pride in my professional appearance and demeanor.
  3. I practice excellent customer service.
  4. I display a welcoming and positive attitude.
  5. I conduct all interaction in a professional, honest, and respectful manner.
  6. I value diversity.
  7. I take ownership and lead by example.
  8. I communicate effectively, professionally, and in a timely fashion.
  9. I continuously seek opportunities to learn, grow, and innovate.
  10. I strive to be an active, reliable, and collaborative team member.
  11. I contribute to maintain a productive, non-discriminatory, and conflict-free work environment.
  12. I follow established policies and procedures, and respect privacy and confidentiality.