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Sarah Clark, MCMSc, PA-C
Miami Campus
Class of 2013

"I just had my first day at work, so I wanted to drop you a line again to thank you and all of the Barry University PA program staff for all your help during my time in PA school. I am very happy with the Sports Medicine Orthopedic surgery job I took in Pennsylvania. Thanks to my elective rotation in orthopedic surgery that Barry helped me establish and my background as an athlete, I have my dream job with a well-respected Sports Medicine surgeon near my hometown. I have the opportunity to eventually establish my own schedule in the office and be the first assist on surgical cases which is exactly the variety I was looking for. I wanted to let you and the other staff know I appreciated the time you all spent with me over the 28 months and contributing to my education to become a PA-C!"

Jessica Serini, MCMSc, PA-C
St. Petersburg Campus
Class of 2011

"As a graduate from the St. Petersburg campus, I want you to know that Barry's program prepared me so well for clinical work, especially working in the ER. It really is an excellent program. I feel very lucky to have been a part of it. I look back very fondly at my days at Barry. It's an extremely well run program and I really feel privileged to have been a part of it, so thank you! Even in medical school, the education at Barry has prepared me above and beyond."

Paul Grenelle, MCMSc, PA-C
St. Petersburg Campus
Class of 2010 (President)

"When looking for a Physician Assistant Program I wanted a place that offered a quality program that could equip me with the tools needed to succeed in the current evolving medical community.   Barry University’s Physician Assistant Program offered all of these benefits along with the benefit of being close to my home in Clearwater, Florida .  Barry University has a program that takes the core information and integrates it with practical experiences and the latest technological tools.  Barry has a staff that cares about you and your needs and get personally involved in your success in the program.  I really do enjoy the other students in my class and appreciate that we can rely on each other to get through the program.  I am excited for my future and the opportunities and experiences that Barry University’s Physician Assistant Program will give me."

Natalie Wilbanks, MCMSc, PA-C
St. Petersburg Campus
Class of 2009 (President)

"I have always had a heart to serve a population that was really in need. During the last few months of PA school at Barry, I was looking for a place that really had those same values and wanted to make a difference in their community. I came across Dayspring Family Health Centers as a job posting on the AAPA website. I had found what I was looking for. A place serving the poor of Appalacia."

Claude Guerrier, MCMSc, PA-C
Miami Campus
Class of 2009 (President)

"The location of BU PA Program in Miami offered a uniquely diverse community that I knew would be an ideal setting for my medical education. I knew I would be able to learn more in two years from the multiple cultures represented here than in almost any other Program. This, and the fact the Program was very strong and offered a high quality education in a small class setting was why I came to Barry."

Jigna Patel, MCMSc, PA-C
St. Petersburg Campus
Class of 2008

"I decided to come to Barry University because I felt the faculty and staff were very personable when I met them during my interview. I also liked the way the curriculum was set up, especially the guaranteed elective rotation and the option of doing a supplemental rotation. I felt that I would have the opportunity to come in contact with a medically and culturally diverse patient population."

Justin Bartl, MCMSc, PA-C
Class of 2008

"This was the one school that I interviewed at that the faculty didn't quiz me on the current medical insurance crisis. If politicians and people that have been in the medical field for decades can't figure out the solution, what makes anyone think an applicant to PA school would have any groundbreaking insights? Instead I was asked about my family and my hometown first, and then asked what I wanted to do in the future. I actually felt that Barry's faculty genuinely cared about me as a person first. And throughout the couple years that have gone by, I have never been let down by Barry's faculty. They have always had an open door policy and will have a conversation about any concerns I might have. My advisor has been extraordinary in helping lift my confidence about the future and has given me resolve to believe in my abilities. Overall, coming to Barry was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made."

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