Facilities Management (ABM)

ABM Management Team has created a contingency plan tailored according to the Barry University needs in order to plan proactively the immediate response to hurricanes. We are in the process of training our employees and have created the appropriate operation procedures to keep a safe working environment. The main goal of this preparation is to describe the work ABM will perform in full compliance with all the provisions contained herein. Our Management Team has anticipated the necessary logistics needed and all details involved within commercial practices.

ABM realizes some buildings will represent different scenarios based on location, requirements and have the ability to deliver a tailored training to all the ABM team. The coordination with Barry University Facilities team will be before, during and after any disaster event in order to consider any incidental work in a satisfactory manner.

All phases have been mirrored with the Barry University Facilities Hurricane Plan to insure the communication will be performed under preferred conditions.

Sand Bags are to be delivered to buildings during the Storm/Hurricane Prep phase.

Barry University Miami Shores Storm Team (Tropical Storm/Hurricane)

  • One ABM Command Staff –Orlando Noda
  • One Assistant Manager Academics/Trash – Antonio Cuenca
  • One Housing Supervisor – Olga Nunez
  • Two Grounds Manager – Julio Tejera/Jeremy Menna


  1. Exterior Furniture: Exterior furniture (plastic tables, chairs, umbrellas, trashcans, mats and similar small items), will be placed within interior sites or alternate locations. This task will be assigned to the ABM Movers and housekeeping employees. Grounds employees will assist after sandbags are placed.
  2. Vehicles: Vehicles and grounds equipment will be fueled and placed behind Modular A. All vehicles and gas cans will be filled no later than 24 hours prior to the storm.
    1. All vehicles will be placed parked together and secured behind Maintenance Shop cage areas by Barry Facility
    2. Pick up and Cargo van will be used for all post functions and transportation purposes.
  3. Waste Containers: The Moving Manager will make arrangements to bring in additional dumpsters for debris removal. The status of the student population will affect the locations and quantities of dumpsters
  4. Employees:All Managers (Zone and Assistant), grounds staff and FOM staff will be responsible for storm preparations and follow through.
    1. Grounds Managers and essential employees are to stay on site throughout the storm.
    2. Essential personnel will remain on campus until their tasks have been completed.
    3. Non-essential personnel may leave 2 hours after the University announces its closure.
    4. If students are on campus, 2 ABM employees per dormitory will remain during the storm.
  5. Sand Bags:Sand bags will be delivered to campuses during the first week of June. 24 hours prior to the storm, sand bags will be delivered to the buildings door sites. 2 hours after the University announces its closure, sandbags will be placed at doorways and elevators.
    1. Sand Bag to be Delivered:
  6. Generators: Generators will be filled with fuel 24 hours before the storm and placed ready for use if so needed.
  7. ABM Staff Accommodations:
    1. Mattresses will be provided for overnight staff; however linens and personal items will need to be brought from home.
    2. Meals – Meals will be provided for working employees at Roussell Cafeteria or identified cafeteria by University with appropriate ID. Signature will be required.
  8. Elevator Shutdown: All elevators will be shut down as directed by Barry University. TKE will address all elevators shutdowns and restorations relative to any storm threat.

Implementation/Hurricane Phases

Phase #1 - Preparation

2 Months Prior to Storm Season

  • Prepare sand bags
  • Perform tree trimming
  • Clean out storm drains
  • Clear landscaping debris from drain area
  • Be sure all equipment is maintained and operational
  • Update essential personnel on plan and provide meal count
  • Update Contact List to Barry University

Phase #2 – Monitoring Mode

96 Hours Pre-Storm

  • Contact and confirm Emergency Team and Contact List to Barry
  • Preparelogistics – stage equipment and supplies
  • Make Sure Fuel Tanks are full
  • Meeting with all Zone and Assistant Managers
  • Ensure drains are clear of debris

Phase #3 – Preparedness Mode

72 Hours Pre-Storm

  • Monitor weather briefings
  • Initiate Testing of Equipment
  • Prepare and ensure all vehicles needed will operate accordingly and begin fueling vehicles
  • Delegation of Tasks to Managers
  • Remove and begin securing items needing special attention

48 Hours Pre-Storm

  • Monitor weather briefings
  • Active preparation in all zones and auxiliary areas
  • Secure exterior furniture (plastic tables, chairs, umbrellas, trashcans, mats and similar small items). Place within interior sites or alternate locations.
  • Ensure satelite phone is charged
  • Ensure personnel are prepared to stay and have attended to all personal preparation activities
  • Stage the sandbags in proper locations
  • Ensure vehicles are prepared and fueled

24 Hours Pre-Storm

  • Monitor weather briefings
  • Final completion of preparation phase
  • Secure/remove trash bins
  • Fuel and store all vehicles and large equipment in appropiate secure areas
  • Final mobilization of campus preparation
  • Storm team turnover of campus and preparation areas
  • Sand Bags will be delivered to the outside building’s door sites when the school is offically closed.

Phase #4 – Arrival of Storm

  • Monitor weather briefings
  • All personnel are in a safe location.

Phase #5 – Recovery Mode

1 – 2 Hours Post-Storm

  • Management team starts Campus assessment
  • Post Storm Road Clearance (Primary: Clear NW 111th, 115Th, NW 2nd Ave, N.Miami Ave, NE 2nd Ave roadways, Secondary: Clear internal streets on campus)
  • Coordinating recovery with Barry Facilites Team
  • Take pictures for reporting purposes

3 - 8 Hours Post-Storm

  • Continue to assess Campus needs; grounds, buildings, etc. Taking photos and videos
  • Continue to assist in clearing roads/paths
  • Evaluate trees and initiate removal of hazardous conditions
  • Begin debris removal
  • Start removing sandbags for building accessibility
  • Updates with Barry Facility Team

8 - 12 Hours Post-Storm

  • Continuiance of recovery efforts and updates to Barry Facility Team
  • Continue hazardous tree pruning
  • Continue debris removal and grounds clean up

24 Hours Post-Storm

  • Continuiance of recovery efforts and updates to Barry Facility Team
  • Evaluate status of clean up
  • Continue tree, debris and grounds clean up
  • Remove sandbags as appropriate

48 Hours Post-Storm

  • Continuiance of recovery efforts and updates to Barry Facility Team
  • Remove all sandbags and return to storage
  • Return patio furniture, etc to regular locations

72 Hours Post-Storm

  • Continuiance of recovery efforts and updates to Barry Facility Team
  • Finalize the clean up
  • Prepare bids for gounds and landscaping restoration
  • Begin normal duties

Hurricane Equipment and Supplies

John Deere Tractor1
Back Hoe 1
Pick Up Truck w/Trailer1
Cargo Van 1
Trash (Gas) Cart1
Chainsaws 3
300 Bags YES
Rain gear (need 20 sets)
Wet vacuums for water clean-up 3
Back pack blowers 3
Push blowers2
Chaps 4

Hurricane Zones

  1. Responsibilities Common to All Zones
    1. Secure all patio furniture to include pool furnitiure
    2. Remove all umbrellas and proper secure storage
    3. Check Storm Drains – Ongoing
    4. Sand Bag Deployment
    5. Fuel Cans and Fuel Vehicles-Friday
    6. Emergency response equipment organize
    7. Supplies
    8. Schedule Trash Compactors /Open Tops/Grappler
    9. Yard pick up and securing
    10. Pool water levels – Friday (Already dispatched)
    11. Golf Cart parked secure-Friday afternoon
    12. Remove debris, Signs, Small items, door mats, trash bins(Inside Bldgs)
    13. Shut off irrigation pumps
    14. Remove debris, signs, small items, door mats, trash cans
    15. Secure shop area
  2. Grounds Hurricane Zones
    1. Place sandbags close to Buildings for placement
    2. Assist other Areas once sand bags are distributed. (all names will be listed below prior to each storm 96 hours pre-storm)

Housekeeping Essential Personnel

  1. Remove mats, stands, trash, etc from door front prior to sand bags being placed.
  2. Keep Zone Manager updated on preparedness of their area. (all names will be listed prior to each storm 96 hours pre-storm)

Facility Management Contact List

Radio #NamePosition
Raul M. Gonzalez Director of Facilities
Facilities Management Conference Room A
Facilities Management Conference Room B
Planning & Construction
903 Jeff Yao Project Manager
802 Myrline Aristil Facilities Manager, Service and Development
Sheli Romer Construction Coordinator

Maintenance Department/Facilities Services

Radio #NamePosition
543 Yosef Shapiro Environ. Health/Safety Manager
520 Ryan Palomino Services Coordinator
Julie Herrera Facilities Coordinator
Facilities Management Fax N/A
508 Barry Bates Energy Coordinator
511 Alson Halliday Maintenance Supervisor (MEP)
509 Bradley Morales A/C
510 Manny Gonzales Plumber
518 Frank Badaraco Electrician
514 Diego Yenes Electrician

Facilities Operations

Radio #NamePosition
400 Noda, Orlando Facilities Operations General Manager
401 Cuenca, Antonio Assistant Manager
BASE Chris Herrera Service Desk Rep.
Analog Emergency Phone Service Desk

General Maintenance/Moving

Radio #NamePosition
Elvin Aguilar Maintenance Supervisor
Raul Enriquez Handyman/GM
Pedro Cubertier Handyman/GM
Angel Rodriguez Miranda Handyman/GM
Miranda, Wilson Painter
Yuniel Perez Handyman/GM

AM Shift

Radio #NamePosition
Douglas, Ramon Supervisor
Castro, Arisleida Housekeeping
Echemendia, Maira Housekeeping
Fons Perez, Betsy Housekeeping
Gonzalez, Marisela Housekeeping
Lewis, Elaine Housekeeping
Nuez, Maribel Housekeeping
Nunez Pena, William Housekeeping
Pantaleon, Gloria Housekeeping
Renois Remy, Elodie Housekeeping
Gonzalez, Ciro Warehouse Control
Augusto Soto, Jeannette Housing
Nunez Olga Housing
Nunez Toribio, Ana Housing
Serrano, Gladys Housing
Fernandez, Carlos Trash
Perez Moralez, Candido Power Washing

PM Shift

Radio #NamePosition
Avila, Madelaine Supervisor
Altidor, Lucienne Housekeeping
Angrand, Aminthe Housekeeping
Bernard, Jeancilia Housekeeping
Castro, Zoila Housekeeping
Dolce, Ronald Housekeeping
Echemendia, Maritza Housekeeping
Henry, Roseline Housekeeping
Herrera, Maytee Housekeeping
Jean Brice, Marie Housekeeping
Martinez, Inorka Housekeeping
Puga Martinez, Nancy Housekeeping
Valiente, Miriam Housekeeping
Louis Francis, Delivrance Housekeeping
Velazquez, Marta Housekeeping
Del Castillo, Ashly Housekeeping
Aguilar, Adrian TRASH
Dumornay, Jean TRASH/WEEKEND
Suero, Francisco PM PROJECT TEAM
Arencibia, Idelberto PM PROJECT /Cafeteria
Miranda, Willson Painter


Radio #NamePosition
Julio Tejera Grounds Manager
Jeremy Menna Athletics Grounds Manager
Walter Robinson Athletics Worker
Aleman, Josue Grounds Keeper
Yosvany Miranda Grounds Keeper
Crespo, Noel Grounds Keeper
Penate, Alexis Grounds Keeper
Gabriel Martin Grounds Keeper
Terison Dimercie Grounds Keeper

Additional Contacts

Radio #NamePosition
427 Main Line Residential Life & Housing Admin Assit
Matt Cameron Director Residential Life & Housing
Public Safety Public Safety Main Line
Shiloh Balzer Public Safety Security Systems Technician
Monica Soto Director, Procurement & Accounts Payable
Carolina Salvador Budget
Lena Mercea Budget Office AVP
George Rice Shores Locksmith
George Rice Shores Locksmith
FP&L / Martha DiPietro
Chi Alarms Service calls and monitoring (password: 1940)
Advanced Fire & Security Monitoring for D&D and Weber only