Student Health Services Hurricane Preparedness

Phase 1 - Preparation

Student Health Services will maintain the following:

  • Immunization inventory. With the summer months approaching, begin to reduce the inventory of vaccinations to only those needed for clinical rotations for the University’s Podiatric, Nursing and PA students ( Hepatitis B, PPD’s, Varicella, Tdap).
  • List of patients with chronic medical conditions requiring monthly medication.

Phase 2 - Monitoring Mode

  • Continue quality assessment of temperature logs and inventory management for vaccines. During this phase NO vaccines will be ordered. Verify generator back up.
  • Contact high risk students and provide early renewals for prescriptive medication(s).

Phase 3 - Preparedness

  • 72 Hours Pre-Storm - Same as above
  • 48 Hours Pre-Storm - Same as above
  • 24 Hours Pre-Storm - Same as above

Phase 4 - Arrival of Storm

  • SHS is closed per University’s Policy. Vaccine refrigerators are dependent on the backup generator.

Phase 5 - Recovery Mode

1 - 2 Hours Post Storm

  • If possible confirm generator power. If the vaccine refrigerator has been without power, it is important to ascertain the amount of time the power was off, in-order calculate the viability of those vaccines.